Stuart's role at Inspire You is to ensure the organisation is run with an efficient and effective ethos, making sure each pound counts, to help many talented young people.

Management operations are as streamlined as possible so that more money received through donations, support and funding is able to reach the people who need it most. He also oversees the legal compliance aspects of the charity.

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He says: “At Inspire You it's part of our ethos that we help young gifted people regardless of background and it is exciting that we are providing them with opportunities they are unlikely to be given, or may never have. Helping them discover who they want to be is reward in itself and I know I am giving something back.”

“Children are asked to make career decisions at a very young age and become channelled into paths leading to potential jobs that may not exist in 10 years time because this world is ever evolving."

"That is why we allow them to have a perspective that is much broader than the school curriculum. We encourage them to grow in themselves and understand what the real world is about. School and education is very important and at Inspire You, we help further and work with the person as an individual.”

Stuart is Associate Director at Thomas & Young providing high quality tax, business and accountancy advice in all business sectors. He specialises in accountancy and advice on improving and developing businesses.

Football remains Stuart's passion. For many years he was a professional football player until a knee injury forced a change in career. He shares his football knowledge and experience with young players and runs  a successful youth team football team.

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With grateful thanks to our sponsors

With grateful thanks to our sponsors