Creating real opportunities to help teenagers and young adults shine


Talented teenagers and young adults are the inspirers and change-makers of the future. At Inspire You, we create real opportunities to help them become the best they can be.

Many young, gifted people face challenging times. Too often they give up on their dreams because the path seems too difficult, or even impossible. At Inspire You we aim to help young people walk their path to achieving their heart's desire, with clear focus and direction.

Our team of mentors, entrepreneurs, workshop facilitators and film makers ask young people “what do you love doing?” to help people discover their passion and talent because we believe everyone has a gift they were born with. At Inspire You, we help them on the path to success.

Inspire You equips young and gifted people for a successful career and fulfilling life. We offer inspiration, support and development in what interests them, so that they can shine.


What we do

We believe everyone has a talent – a gift  that they were born with. Inspire You helps them to discover what that is and nurture it. Our ethos is to guide and support talented young people. We inspire entrepreneurship because it encompasses much more than setting up and running a successful business. It is about excellence, focus and vision in all aspects of each person's physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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Inspire You Centre

We all learn best by doing. The first Inspire You Centre in Wolverhampton, offers workshops and training that give real experience and real opportunities, working alongside experienced professionals and entrepreneurs. The building in St Jude's Road Tettenhall has flexible workshop spaces and meeting rooms to maximise fantastic personal and professional development opportunities.

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Inspire You inspired me

The team at Inspire You believe in a virtuous circle of success. Everyone benefits when everybody shares the knowledge, training, achievements of each other. Our ethos is to care, facilitate meaningful and practical opportunities and encourage entrepreneurship. We want young, talented people to be the best they can be and step forward confidently on their paths.

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Get involved

Inspire You asks talented young people “what do you love to do?” and offers them inspiration, support and development so that they can shine. We'd love to hear from you if you are an entrepreneur, community leader, mentor, workshop facilitator, in business, the arts and sport. And if you are young with a talent for something you love to do, we'd love to hear from you.

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