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The Steve Biko Saturday School is the longest running independent and non-funded Saturday school in Britain. All of the staff, facilitators and helpers are inspired to help young talented people achieve more.

Dawn Riley, Headteacher, went to a Saturday School as a teenager and wanted to help inspire and help other young people, because she gained so much from it. Many of her colleagues also bnefited from the Saturday school idea and like Dawn, want to give something back. They were inspired and now they want to inspire others.

It is this virtuous circle of inspiration and success that echoes the ethos at Inspire You. The charity now provides the Saturday School building free of charge and they work closely together, helping, supporting and inspiring the young and talented.

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Founded in 1977 and named after Steve Biko, one of the leading lights in the anti-apartheid movement, the Saturday School has an ethos of self-love and love for all members. It offers help with homework plus mentoring with numeracy and literacy in a fun way. Children are given opportunities to express themselves, share their skills and abilities and develop their talents. The Saturday School Mantra is 'each one teach one'.

The educational, cultural and social support is given to children aged 4 to 16 and provides an important resource for the children, their families and the community. All the tutors give their time and expertise for free because they believe in the wide reaching benefits of creating a positive hub of sharing and connection, especially where racial tensions have flared up over the years.

Dawn Riley, Headteacher, says “The Saturday School provides our children with an opportunity to experience positive relationships with their peers whilst embracing their culture, which helps lessen issues surrounding identity. Learning about positive contributions of their culture enables them to identify positive role models.”

Children at the Saturday School thrive because they’re allowed to be themselves, they make new friends and experience education that many find more engaging and interesting than in junior or senior school.

The key principle is to have respect for the people who are giving their time to inspire, for the building and for each other.



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Keisha has bold ambitions, to become a head teacher and own her own business. The Saturday School gives Keisha opportunities to learn more, express herself and her talents, with other kids in a safe and inspiring environment. She loves dancing and gymnastics and loves the  chance to work with other children to develop and shine.


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